We are a small design studio with one goal in mind.

Making webs & graphic design from human to human.

We believe in building close relationships with our clients is essential to deliver great content and better customer support.

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a family business with many years of experience working at larger agencies

but we chose to remain true to our belief

We ventured into web design out of frustration. We felt scammed by companies saying:

 "Build your website in 5 minutes,

simple and free"

Getting serious

We took this matter very seriously and collected hundreds of testimonials from people who are not on the web because they believe it is too difficult, expensive or they don’t know how to.

Just like we were.

...and that why we began our mission to create websites and graphic design for humans - easy to understand, accessible and affordable.

We want you to feel that we are a partner, that we are here to help, and above all, that you can trust us. So that you can focus on your business and do what you love the most while we take care of the rest.

Last but not least we have an awesome group of professionals, friends and colleagues that are ready to collaborate when needed in projects that requires differents skills like photo, music, 3D, video etc.



Director & Designer


I am a graphic/web designer and self taught on geeky stuff.


I love my job, my family and kids, also in love with northern nature but not so much with the darkness.

Let's fix it!



Administration & Sales


I am the person behind the phone. So, I’d be the first voice you’ll hear.


I love travelling to new places, spend time with my family and play music. You can hear me sing (here) if you are feeling adventurous.